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Choosing the Best Grout and Adhesive for Your Tiling Project: Spotlight on BAL Micromax and Flexible S1 Adhesives

A man carefully installing bathroom tiles, ensuring precision and neatness in his workmanship.

Embarking on a tiling project, whether for a bathroom upgrade, kitchen backsplash, or new flooring, demands careful consideration of your materials—not just the tiles, but the grout and adhesive that will hold them in place. This guide highlights some of the best products in the market, including BAL Micromax grout and flexible adhesives from renowned brands like Bostik and BAL, ensuring your tiles not only look fantastic but also stand the test of time.

The Best Grout: BAL Micromax Range

BAL Micromax Grout stands out in the tiling industry for its robust blend of durability, aesthetics, and advanced features, making it an outstanding choice for diverse tiling projects.

Key Features of BAL Micromax Grout:

  • Color Consistency: Guarantees uniform color across your tiled area, avoiding any patchiness for a sleek, professional finish.

  • Flexibility: Designed to accommodate slight movements of tiles due to temperature changes or settling, thus minimizing the risk of cracking.

  • Microban Technology: Incorporates antimicrobial protection to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, making it ideal for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Versatility: Suitable for both wall and floor tiling, handling joint widths from 1mm to 20mm effectively.

The Best Adhesives: S1 and S2 Flexible Adhesives

The choice of adhesive is crucial, particularly in environments subject to temperature fluctuations and moisture.

S1 Flexible Adhesives:

  • Standard Flexibility: Provides adequate flexibility for most residential tiling projects, accommodating slight movements.

  • Enhanced Bond Strength: Ensures a durable bond that is vital for the longevity and integrity of your tiles.

S2 Flexible Adhesives:

  • High Flexibility: Offers superior flexibility, crucial for areas with significant temperature variations or structural movements.

  • Ideal for Challenging Environments: Perfect for applications like overboarding and underfloor heating systems, where additional flexibility helps prevent tile cracking.

Best Brands for Adhesives: Bostik and BAL

  • Bostik: Renowned for innovative solutions, Bostik’s adhesives are favored by professional tilers for their reliability and adaptability to specific tiling conditions and materials.

  • BAL: As a leader in the tiling industry, BAL adhesives are celebrated for their high quality and dependability, with their range of S1 and S2 adhesives meeting the highest standards for flexibility and bonding.

Choosing the Right Products for Your Project

To ensure the best outcome for your tiling project, consider the following:

  • Tile Type and Size: Opt for a robust adhesive like an S2 for larger, heavier tiles to ensure strong bonding.

  • Environmental Conditions: In wet areas or where underfloor heating is installed, choose highly flexible adhesives and mold-resistant grouts.

  • Aesthetic Goals: Select a grout color that complements your tiles to enhance the visual appeal of your project.


Selecting high-quality products like BAL Micromax grout and flexible adhesives from Bostik or BAL can greatly influence the success and durability of your tiling projects. By carefully considering the specific needs of your installation environment and choosing the appropriate products, you ensure that your tiles will not only look beautiful but also last for many years, even under challenging conditions.


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